Day One

Industry and Innovation

An industry and innovation day, focussed on project announcements, new technologies and innovations available to industry, including practical solutions for business for a zero emissions future.


Session 1: Leading and Funding Innovation

Opening the door to new opportunities and funding for industry through partnerships will be the key focus of Session one, with an overview of the NSW government’s Net Zero Plan and the NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Hub. The session will highlight the challenges and opportunities for meeting emissions targets and adapting to climate change, while showcasing new initiatives in decarbonising NSW at a ground level.

Justin Koek
Office of Energy and Climate Change

Edward Jansson
Senior Manager, NSW Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer

Tony Westmore
Hub Manager, NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Hub

John Fletcher

Professor and Director, EESN Network, UNSW

Dr Cathy Waters
Principal Research Scientist and Leader, Climate Research, NSW Department of Primary Industries 

Hosted by Warwick Dawson
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Industry and Engagement, the University of Newcastle

Session 2: Opportunities for Clean Energy Adoption

A cleaner and more resilient future energy system with net-zero emissions will require a wide range of technologies. Session 2 will showcase new innovations in clean new energy technology and emerging renewable energy material including printed solar cells, microgrids, small modular reactors and hydrogen solutions as well as their implementation and use in the market.

Dr Ben Vaughan
ANFF Hub Manager, Centre for Organic Electronics, University of Newcastle

Michael Sharpe
Industry Specialist, LAVO

Robert Parker
Founder, Nuclear for Climate Australia

John O'Connor
Energy Research Officer, NSW Department of Primary Industries

James Hay
Chief Executive, Energy Corporation of NSW (EnergyCo)

Matthew Hingerty
Deputy Chairman, Deputy CEO and Head of Business Development, Star Scientific

Hosted by Greg Lamont
Executive Officer, Association of Mining and Energy Related Councils (MERC) NSW

Session 3: Monitoring and Measuring Energy Efficiency to Curb Emissions

What gets measured gets managed - learn about the benefits of monitoring and measuring emissions to reduce your carbon footprint through new technology solutions. Session 3 will deep dive into the NSW Smart Sensing Network, look at how monitoring technologies can provide efficiencies in the workplace, investigate emobility and how corporations are managing their environmental, social and governance responsibilities.

Chris Beal

Chief Executive Officer, NextOre Ltd

Hersch Joshi
Business Development Manager, Schneider Electric
Business Insights through Sensors, Power Meters and Software for Informed Decisions

Smitesh Kirtane
Sustainability Solutions Architect, Schneider Electric
Demystifying ESG Reporting

Wayne Dicinoski
Technical Manager, Australian Strategic Materials (ASM)

Hosted by Jeffrey Caldbeck
Deputy Chairman, Regional Development Australia (RDA) Orana

Session 4: Activating Innovation in the Regions

Your opportunity to tell us what support you need, as we all move towards a zero emissions future. This interactive workshop focusses on the development of Zero Business Incubator and Innovation Zone. The session will be facilitated by Clare Larkin-Sykes, Managing Director of LarkinSykes Advisory, who is a strong collaborator and advocate of future resource and energy industries including the integration of clean technology solutions to traditional processes and value chains. The workshop will explore how the Zero Hub could provide business advice, guidance for research, and collaboration on business partnerships focused on the energy and resources sector in the region to achieve their net-zero targets.

Workshop facilitated by
Clare Larkin-Sykes

Managing Director, LarkinSykes Advisory